Ranking in Search Engines

Because search engines, and especially Google, will be the very first place for folks on the web searching for products as well as services, the particular placement of your website in search results will be a significant issue. In case your Web address turns up far down on the SERP results, the odds of the surfer finding that website greatly decrease. Ranking in SERPS (search engine result pages) is one of the essential tasks for all webmasters who are trying to rank organically with SEO. Being on page 1 of Google for a variety of search terms (keywords) is the promised land for webmasters.

Keywords And Rankings

Focus on keywords and phrases. Keywords are the groundwork bricks of the complete search engine structure, and so they require personal overview within your tracking endeavors. Keywords are essential to clarifying what your site is about, they are used on the site, in the title tags as well as in anchor texts of backlinks to provide the search engines with relevance of what your site is about. Doing proper and comprehensive keyword research for your site before its launch is essential, to find not only low competition keywords, which make is easier to rank for, but also, to make sure whichever keywords you select for your site that they have enough searches monthly to gain enough traffic.

Remember that you want to target the right audience via targeted keywords for both sitewide/home page keywords as well as all inner pages because without the proper targeted traffic you will not see optimal conversions and sales, learn more at how to use keywords and step-by-step keyword research.

Keyword Research Tools

Micro Niche Finder – A premier tool to search out long tail keywords, that have low competition and lots of searches, a great way to drill down on those unexploited niches.

10 Free Keyword Research Tools

Backlinks and SEO for Ranking

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the path to ranking in search engines. It is a fact that organic (search engine) traffic is really the best traffic there is, because that is where the buyers are, the searchers that are targeted because they are actively looking for something specific.

The key to good rankings is backlinks to your sites and the key to getting backlinks naturally is to create useful, comprehensive and targeted keyword content on your niche. The best links are those that have your keyword phrase or word in the anchor, at least 50% of the time. Within content links on relevant websites are the best types of links, but overall, you should have a diverse backlink profile, that includes, blog comments, social media links, article marketing, guest blog posts, press releases, AND, you should go for both dofollow and nofollow links.

Backlink Resources

Submit Articles Automatically - An excellent and easy to use software to submit your articles and promote your site to hundreds of quality article directories quickly, automated registration to article sites, easy and fast submission, save hours and days of your time!

Social Bookmark Submission Service – An effective and cheap service to submit your content to many social websites.

Dominate The Search Engines - An effective and powerful program that provides a variety of tools and resources to promote your websites and blogs.

US Free Adds – Get Targeted Shopper Traffic

Keyword Academy Guest Posting System – Some high quality sites here to submit guest posts for all niches.

4 Free Resources for Backlinks

Huge resource to find dofollow blogs at dofollow lists

Find blogs that use Keyword Luv, also dofollow, at keywordluv list

The importance of anchor text in backlinks

Monitoring Search Engine Positions

Before and after you accomplish a top search engine position, it is crucial that you monitor your SERP rankings at all times, not just to track your progress, but also to maintain the rankings you’ve worked so desperately to attain. This tactic is vital for the success of any advertising campaign. Rankings are always changing and you have to monitor and stay on top of them so you can flow with those changes, and make modifications to your Internet marketing and SEO efforts accordingly.

Examining the particular long-term movements of search engines positions is essential. SERP positions can and do change, and you must be vigilant, just as the competition is, not only to avoid falling behind your competitors, but to strengthen your campaign since SEO is not a one time thing, but an on going process. Check your SERPS weekly or bi-monthly, but do not check every single day, as this will just become a distraction.

Remember that initially, once you have started your own SEO marketing campaign as well as carried out all of the correct tactics to enhance your rankings, you’ll probably observe a continuous upward ascend. What you should be looking out for is the time that upward climb actually reaches a plateau. At these times, your search engine placement strategy moves into stage 2, the actual monitoring and guarding phase.

Throughout stage 2, you will inevitable see normal ups and downs in your rankings, and these should not worry you too much. Short-term movements and shifts in Google SERPS are very common, and a normal part of the process. It is the long-term variations  and drastic drops that you need to look for and therefore prepare to take action on right away.

Furthermore, you have to keep an eye on your rankings within all 3 main search engines, and not just Google. Many times people discount Yahoo and Bing, and only strive to rank in Google; this is a mistake, because while Google is the most used engine, the others can still bring in a nice steady amount of traffic each month to your sites. Folks tend to be fickle regarding their preferred search engines, and it takes regular vigilance to adhere to their preferences.

Every search engine utilizes a formula, called an algorithm to calculate site rankings. Whenever the search engines modify this formula in any way, it might increase or perhaps decrease your position. A few search engines utilize a variety of formulas, rotating them to ensure an algorithm does not grow to be overused, ineffective or too transparent. Contingent on which formula is actually being used; your search results placement might suddenly fall or perhaps increase in position considerably. Consequently, you have to examine your own positions regularly so that you can see whenever a search engine alters their algorithm as well as the precise impact this has on your positions. Use these free SERP checker tools to monitor your rankings.

Analyzing SERP Competitors

It’s essential to also analyze and deal with your competitors. Who are your competitors? They are the sites that have the top 4 positions on Page 1 of Google SERPS for your targeted keywords.

The competitor’s obviously know what their doing, and that is why they have top placement. For highly competitive keywords you may not ever gain those top 3 or 4 positions, but you many still get to page 1, and you can learn a lot from them, if not beat them. How to analyze competitors backlinks, shows a step by step guide to evaluating and and analyzing competitors backlinks.

Perhaps their high position might fall, driving your own placement much higher. Monthly analysis and verification of how your own campaign is performing, as well as your competitors allows you to make the necessary adjustments to excel your rankings and checking these types of fluctuations may also provide you with essential details about how you can increase your placement within search results.

Sudden Drops in SERPS

An additional element to keep track of very carefully is an abrupt decrease of your positions in most search engines like Google. This really is totally different from month-to-month fluctuations and could be indicative of bigger problems and could actually mean a number of various things.

In the event that just about all your search engine rankings have dropped severely, it might suggest that search engines spiders have found some form of issue with your site. Should you have recently altered the particular code, for example, the spider can become thoroughly puzzled and as a result drop your positions significantly. Technical problems, like website page speed can affect Google rankings,  404 errors, problems with sitemaps, and other issues like that, these can be checked for in your Google Webmaster Tools account, and make sure to see these free tools to analyze website page speed.

  • The Sandbox

The Google sandbox, though thought to be by some an urban legend, is the significant drop in SERPS for brand new sites (under 1 year old) for anywhere from one month up to several months. This can and often does happen and the best thing to do is just keep building quality links, and promoting your site, and eventually the website will be released from the sandbox.

  • SERP and Index Penalties

Some penalties can take place and especially with Google, like complete deindexing of the site for black hat tactics, or significant drops in SERPS for unnatural backlink profiles, over optimization with on-site SEO and other issues that can trigger either a manually placed Google penalty, or one that is automatically triggered by a filter in the algorithm. If you were on Page 1 of Google and suddenly you drop to Page 5 or below, and stay there for several days plus, then you might be looking at a penalty.

Other Resources

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  10. SEOMoz also has some great free tools as well as their premium ones.

    I think, when it comes to search engines, a seriously underrated tactic is the most obvious. Give Google what it wants. It wants to show the highest quality, most relevant results for a search. Make your site high quality, make it relevant to your keywords and provide unique, well thought out content.

    Couple that with a winning off page strategy and you’re in a great position.


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