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Before diving into Internet Marketing and using all the free seo tools, free website templates, SERP checkers and all the other free webmaster tools, it is important to make sure that your website looks correctly and validates in as many website browsers as possible or you may risk losing a significant amount of traffic.

Did you know that there are over 65 different web browsers that Internet surfers use. And, all those browsers read code, which is what is used to build your sites, differently and therefore display your website differently. Nothing is more of a problem than older version of Internet Explorer and especially IE6, which, god only knows why many web surfers still use. IE6 is is just a bug fest with its constant problems with frames and CSS display.

Have you ever seen how your site looks in different browsers? You might be surprised at what you find, and please consider having a sedative on hand before you look, :eek: .

Use the free webmaster tool below to get screenshots of how your site looks in over 65 browsers and then browse the hack code sites to make changes accordingly.

Free Browser Checker Webmaster Tool

Browser Shots – Free webmaster tool that provides screenshots of how your site looks in over 65 browsers.

Free Tools for Fixing Problems with Website Displays:

Internet Explorer Website Browser Display Fixes – Very simple and easy to use guide.

Comprehensive Guide to Fix Display Issues in most BrowsersProvides Hack Codes to add to your sites which will solve display problems in most browsers. Made for webmasters who have some understanding on how to edit and add code to their sites.

Net Mechanic - This site has a lot of free information that is worth reading on Browser Display Issues. Provides a free trial of their HTML Box Tool, which will fix these issues.

More Webmaster Resources

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