18 Comment Tools and WordPress Plugins for SEO and Bloggers

Reading and commenting on blogs is one of the best ways to network, get traffic and build links as well.  Here are various blog comment tools to aid your efforts. Also if you need WordPress Help at any time and in any form, there are lots of free tutorials available online.

It is important to no SPAM the blogs you comment on, especially those that are do-followed. Read the posts and get involved in the conversation by providing quality comments, if you SPAM you will ruin for the rest of us and your comment will just get deleted.

Blog Comment Tools

Easy Comment Firefox Add-On – This is a must have tool as it  automatically fills out blog comment forms with your name, email and url for the profiles you have pre-entered. This is helpful if you comment on many blogs and you have a lot of sites, it will save you loads of time because it supports multiple profiles.

One click and the form is filled out, no more entering your information manually on each blog. The profile selector sits in your browser’s bottom status bar, right click and select a profile, click the easy comment icon and the profile you selected instantly goes into the comment form. Supports all blogging platforms.

Comment Sniper - If you want to be the first to comment, then this tool is for you. Gives real time alerts when the blogs you program into it update and so you can be the first to comment.

Finding Do-Follow Blogs Tools:

Many blog owners have decided to make their blogs do-follow, which means the links in the comments back to your site are followed. This is a valuable asset for SEO, and is a great tool to have in your SEO arsenal.  By the way, do not ignore the no-follow blogs for comment backlinks or any other type of links for that matter, because no follow still has it’s value.

There are many lists of do-follow blogs out there, I only listed one. The lists are nice but they become outdated after a while since blogs change their comment policies and many of these lists only offer marketing related blogs. So, I listed a couple of good search engines and free softwares that find do-follow blogs by keyword.

Feverish Thoughts – Do-Follow Blogs List – This is one of the longest lists I ever found with a variety of blogs on all subjects.

Do-Follow Diver – Great search engine for finding do-follow blogs.

Real Link Finder – Free software to find do-follow blogs by keyword subjects.

Fast Blog Finder – Free software to find do-follow blogs by keyword search.

Finding Top Commenter Blogs Tools:

Top commenter blogs is where the blogger lists the top commenters in their sidebar or footer, giving the commenter a quality site-wide backlink to their sites.

Top Commenter List – Yan of Thou Shall Blog put together the best list of Top Commenter blogs that is also updated regularly and listed by PR.

Comment Related Plugins for WordPress

Here are some of the best comment related plugins for WordPress.

Akismet SpamMust Have! Catch and filter spam blog comments, Akismet is highly accurate and will filter out SPAM comments for you to review and delete or post.

WP Threaded Comments – Puts the reply link under each comment and nests replies below the original comment. Allows for a much neater comment area. Also, emails the commenter when there is a reply to his/her comment.

Edit Comments – Allows commenters to edit their own comments for as long as the default time that you set in settings.

Subscribe to Comments – Provides a check box for readers to subscribe to comments that sends an email notification when a new comment is added to that poss, this really helps readers because they do not have to keep checking the post to see if there was a reply.

Cap Comment – Turn off comments when a post has reached the limit you set.

No Follow Free – If you want to make your blog do-follow, this plugin is great!

Recent Comments – Retrieves most recent comments and places a list in the sidebar widget.

Ajax Comment Preview – Allows commenters to preview their comment exactly as it will look when posted.

WP Gravatar - Allows you to add gravatar’s to comments and put a face with the comment, from a number of services, including Gravatar, MyBlogLog, OpenAvatar, Wavatar, Identicon, monsterID or Favico.ico. Lots of options and customization with this plugin.

Keyword Luv – This plugin allows for Name @ KW do-follow comments, where the real name is in the comment but not included in the anchor, good for conversation, and the keyword is anchored with the url, good for SEO. Note: In order to make the anchor do-follow a separate do-follow plugin is required, such as, No Follow Free, in order for the links to be followed.

Comment Luv – Parses the commenters latest blog post and shows it in the comment, the link to the blog post in nofollow by default.

Top Commentator Plugin for WordPress – Allows you to list top commenters in in the sidebar to give your most active commenters a nice site wide backlink. Highly customizible.

Top Commentator Plugin for Blogger Blogs - Allows you to list top commenters in Blogger blogs.

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