This site is dedicated to free webmaster and SEO tools. This is a compilation of long time and intensive research into the many free tools available. These free webmaster and SEO tools are essential to any online campaign’s success. Browse around and find what you need, leave me a note if you have any free tools that you know about.


Check out our collection of FREE SEO Tools below:

Content Tools

Canonical URL Checker
Extract Meta Tags
HTML Headings Checker
Keyword Density Checker
Meta Description Checker
Meta Keywords Checker
Meta Robots Checker
Search Engine Spider Simulator
Title Tag Checker
Word Count Checker

Domain Authority Tools

Alexa Rank Checker
Domain Authority Checker
Google PageRank Checker

Domain Tools

Domain Age Checker
HTTP Header Checker
Find IP Address of Website
Mobile Friendly Test
Website Speed Test
Whois Lookup

Google Tools

Google Cache Date Checker
Google Index Count Checker
Google Malware Checker
Google Mobile Friendly Test
Google PageRank Checker

Security Tools

MD5 Generator
Random Password Generator

Social Media Tools

Delicious Share Count Checker
Digg Share Count Checker
Facebook Comments Count Checker
Facebook Like Count Checker
Facebook Share Count Checker
Google Plus One Checker
LinkedIn Share Count Checker
Pinterest Pins Checker
Social Media Stats
StumbleUpon Share Count Checker
Twitter Share Count Checker

Other Tools Tools

Hreflang Tags Checker
Hreflang Tags Generator Tool
IP Address Location
What is my IP

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